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#ANTHROPOID Discussion, Spoilers and More!

Have You Seen Anthropoid? How Many Times Have you Watched it? We want to know EVERYTHING and I mean EVERY. SINGLE.DETAIL. We can't wait to hear from you!

Have You Read ‘GREY’? Did you love it? Liked it? We want to hear your thoughts about Christian’s POV! Go!

'GREY' went LIVE a month ago and I have read and read LOTS of things about this book. As a Fifty Shades fans I respect all the opinions out there and I would love to hear yours. 

Tell us what you

Who Do You Think Could Be Another Great Director For Fifty Shades Darker ?

It's Official Sam Taylor-Johnson Will Not Return For the "Fifty Shades" Sequels. Let's Here it Fifty Shades Fans : Your Thoughts. Who Do You Think Could Be Another Great Director For ‪#‎FiftyShadesDarker‬

In the books Ana is sometimes Shy, but we know she is strong. In the movie we get to see a stronger Ana. Did you like?