Author: LETY

Sep 20 2017

Erotic scenes: Dakota Johnson revealed her trick!

Chemistry between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan is undeniable. When we see the through the screen, it seems like they could be dating in real life. But believe it or not, the hottest scenes, which are very important for the storyline, were harder for the actors to make than what some people may imagine. According […]

Sep 12 2017

50 SHADES FREED Official Trailer: WATCH IT!

Are you ready to watch the first “50 Shades Freed” teaser? We couldn’t be more excited about it! Wacht it here: What do you think? Will this movie be as successful as the previous ones? Are you happy to see Mr. Grey again? “50 Shades Freed” is set to be released on Valentine’s Day (2018)… Don’t you think […]