Author: Wen

Feb 23 2016

Tell us that part of the book would like to see in the movie?

As you know, the recordings began of Fifty Shades Darker. The expectations are high as also the curiosity to know which parts of the book will be in the film. Let us know which part you would like to see?

Mar 03 2015

What do you expect for the 2nd film Fifty Shades Darker?

You hope it better?

What part you want recorded?

Do you think will fill all your expectations? Or you have your doubts?

Feb 24 2015

Your opinion is important!!!

That part of the first book that was not in the movie wanted see?

Feb 24 2015

One question to Jamie & Dakota

If you had the opportunity to be able to ask a single question to Jamie Dornan and a single question to Dakota Johnson, which would it be?