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He is Jamie Dornan and he will play the male lead in Fifty Shades Of Grey. He is perfect. Perfect in every way.  But something was bothering him.

Recently, In February 28th, 2014, Mr. Dornan appeared on  The Graham Norton Show and there he divulged his "secret". Apparently Dornan never learned to walk properly and admitted to be incredibly insecure. 

We, the fans, are grateful Fifty Shades helped him with this. He Explained that he used to walk on his tip-toes and this started comments from others and gave him a bit of a complex.

For Fifty Shades he had to dance. Dornan Said : "So I had dance lessons. We did the fox-trot, and I was really struggling with it, and the dance teacher said, 'You know what you need to do? Just think about it as walking,' " Dornan explained, making a face to indicate that that wasn't the most helpful advice. "It's funny; I'm not great at walking. He said, 'Just think, walking heel-to-toe, heel-to-toe.' And I was like, 'Heel-to-toe?' And no one ever told me that. I thought it went toe to like more toe.

Jamie is funny guy.


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