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8 Things We Expect To See in #FiftyShadesDarker

1. Ana and Christian's lives fall apart without each other. While the end of Fifty Shades of Grey left fans (who didn't read the books) with a little bit of hope that Christian might stop the lift and make things right again, that's not at all what happens. Ana and Christian don't speak for days after she leaves, which causes both of their lives to slightly unravel. Ana starts her new job as a personal assistant to Jack Hyde, a big-time book publisher, but her grief causes her to stop eating, lose weight, and not properly function in everyday life.

2. They then get back together. After Ana and Christian both attend a photo gallery exhibit for her friend José (the one that has a massive crush on her), they kiss in an alleyway and pick up right where they left off.

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"There's a scene, it's a party... and she comes in and they're having some argument and my character understands what happened with them -- not all the details, but she understands that she abused him and I slap her," Marcia said, previewing the book-to-big-screen scene. "And the fans... are very excited to see what happens there. And Kim and I, we did the scene again and again -- of course we do the fake slap -- but my character's a mother, she's a mother bear."

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