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#EloiseMumford TakeOver (#FiftyShadesMovie IG)

“Always stretch before you hike. #FiftyShades - @eloise.mumford”

#EloiseMumford takes over #FiftyShadesMovie IG

Jose (@victorrasuk) takes his job VERY seriously. #FiftyShades - @eloise.mumford 

#EloiseMumford takes over #FiftyShadesMovie IG

“bfffffff #FiftyShades - @eloise.mumford”

Eloise Mumford takes over #FiftyShades IG

“Home away from home. #FiftyShades - @eloise.mumford”

#EloiseMumford takes over #FiftyShades IG

“Mom and dad”  @erikaljames @foleyfilm. #FiftyShades - @eloise.mumford

“We will always, always be giggling”. @ritaora #FiftyShades - @eloise.mumford #FiftyShadeMovie IG

 "My homies, my pals, my sweetest friends." #thecrew #FiftyShades - @eloise.mumford

“I'm trying to convince @victorrasuk to grow his hair out.”

#FiftyShades - @eloise.mumford

#kelliot #FiftyShades - @eloise.mumford

Kate always has Ana's back, forever and ever because that's what best friends do. #FiftyShades - @eloise.mumford

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The #FiftyShades Cast (Part Two)

Jason Taylor is Christian Grey’s most trusted bodyguard and the head of Christian’s security team. Ana sees a lot of similarities between Taylor and her stepfather Ray : both are ex-military, and she describes both men as taciturn. Taylor makes several kind, thoughtful gestures towards Ana, such as offering her his hanky when she is upset about breaking up with Christian at the very end of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Taylor appears to be something of a renaissance man: he likes classical music, and is spotted reading an Anthony Burgess novel during the Grey’s honeymoon.

Taylor is in a relationship with Christian’s housekeeper Gail Jones, they eventually marry. He has a daughter named Sophie from his previous marriage. As a part of Taylor’s benefits, Christian pays for Sophie’s schooling.

On November 26, 2013, it was announced that actor Max Martini will be portraying Taylor in the film adaptation .

Katherine Agnes “Kate” Kavanagh is Anastasia Steele’s best friend and roommate. Kate gets into a relationship with Elliot Grey, who she meets at a bar while celebrating the end of finals week with Ana, José, and Levi.

Kate is Ana’s polar opposite. Ana is shy, doesn’t care for shopping, and prefers to keep to herself, while Kate is outgoing, fashionable, and makes friends easily. Kate is also described as “vivacious”, “confident” and “strong-willed”. She’s described as caring towards Ana.

On November 22, 2013, it was announced that actress Eloise Mumford will be portraying Kate in the film version of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Elliott Grey is the adoptive son of Carrick Grey and Dr. Grace Trevelyan-Grey, and elder brother to Christian Grey and Mia Grey. He is introduced in Fifty Shades of Grey when he accompanies his brother to pick up a drunk Anastasia Steele at a bar in Portland. There, he meets Kate Kavanagh, who becomes his girlfriend and eventually his wife.As of the Epilogue, he and Kate have a two-month old daughter named Ava Grey.  His trademark phrase is “Laters, baby.”

Throughout the series, he is in an exclusive relationship with Kate Kavanagh. 

In Fifty Shades Freed, it is acknowledged that a year prior to meeting Kate, Elliot had a short-lived fling with architect Gia Matteo. Christian also claims that before meeting Kate, Elliot “[had sex with] most of Seattle”; that is, Elliot was promiscuous.

On October 25, 2013, E! News learned that True Blood actor Luke Grimes will portray Elliot in the film version of Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Victor Rasuk shared this pic "The crew is back in full effect!! Fun times today on set!"  #RitaOra #LukeGrimes #EloiseMumford 

Seriously they looked like Teenagers going to their prom! LOVE THEM!!!!!!

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