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E.L. James, the author of the Fifty Shades trilogy, sat down with ET just before Fifty Shades Darker hits theaters next Friday, and she left the door open to the possibility of more shadiness to come!

"There's a chance," James told ET's Cameron Mathison when asked if there might be a fourth book. "But I've got other things I'd like to do. I've written another novel as well."
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Fifty Shades Darker Promo Tour Dates

Jan.30.17 - E.L. James on the Today Show
Jan.31.17 - Jamie Dornan on the Ellen Degeneres Show
Jan.31.17 - Jamie Dornan on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show
Jan.31.17 - Dakota Johnson on the Jimmy Fallon Show
Jan.31.17 - Marcia Gay Harden on the Today Show
Jan.31.17 - Jamie Dornan on Access Hollywood
Feb.1.17 - Jamie Dornan on the Conan O’Brien Late Show
Feb.1.17 - Dakota Johnson on the Today Show
Feb.1.17 - Dakota Johnson on the Seth Meyers Show
Feb.2.17 - Jamie Dornan on the Today Show
Feb.2.17 - Fifty Shades Darker Premiere Los Angeles
Feb.3.17 - Masquerade Ball on the Today Show
Feb.3.17 - Fifty Shades Press Junket Los Angeles
Feb.6.17 - Rita Ora on the Live Kelly Show
Feb.7.17 - Rita Ora on the Today Show
Feb.7.17 - Fifty Shades Darker Premiere Hamburg
Feb.8.17 - Fifty Shades Darker Premiere Madrid
Feb.9.17 - Fifty Shades Darker Premiere London
Feb.10.17- Jamie Dornan on the Graham Norton Show
More information will be added as soon as it’s available.


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