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Nov 28 2017

DARKER is finally released!

Hey there, 50 Shades Fans! The day we’ve been expecting for so long is finally here. Today, “Darker” was released. As you know, this is the second book from Christian’s Point of View. In this book, Mr. Grey retells the story of “50 Shades Darker”. Are u ready for Darker told by Christian? #fiftyshadesfreed #fiftyshadesofgrey […]

Nov 06 2017


The waiting is over!!! Are you all ready to watch the final version of the 50 Shades Freed official trailer?? We are sure you are! You can watch it here: OMG! There’re so many surprises. We are glad to see Mr. and Ms. Grey finally married. But, wait a moment… who does that blonde architect […]

Oct 25 2017

NEW BOOK!! Are you ready for “Darker”?

Breaking news! E.L. James announced that she will publish a new novel. It’s called “Darker”, and fans will be able to buy it on November 28 in the US and UK on 28th November 2017. It will be then published in other countries. “Darker” is “50 Shades Darker” told by our dear Christian Grey, the […]

Sep 20 2017

Erotic scenes: Dakota Johnson revealed her trick!

Chemistry between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan is undeniable. When we see the through the screen, it seems like they could be dating in real life. But believe it or not, the hottest scenes, which are very important for the storyline, were harder for the actors to make than what some people may imagine. According […]