I just watched Fifty Shades of Grey

I have just watched fifty shades of grey for the first time at home and was better this time around since there were no rude people intruding like phones, talking and just being total annoying. I had a Christian style

My Fifty Shades fan page

So I have a fifty shades fan page and it is in need for more likes.So I was thinking it can be an affiliate for this website.So what do you think?Link: https://www.facebook.com/jamiedornanischristiangrey Can you please like it and share it

Weekly Column Topic 1 : How old do you think someone should be in order to read the Fifty Shades Trilogy??

Weekly Column

Topic 1: Age Limits

This week, I would like to discuss about age limits.

I read a post of someone, who saw a teenager girl reading the Fifty Shades of Grey. That someone said that teenagers should not read this trilogy,

Who Do You Think Could Be Another Great Director For Fifty Shades Darker ?

It's Official Sam Taylor-Johnson Will Not Return For the "Fifty Shades" Sequels. Let's Here it Fifty Shades Fans : Your Thoughts. Who Do You Think Could Be Another Great Director For ‪#‎FiftyShadesDarker‬