Fifty Shades Fans All Over The World ~ Where are you?

Fifty Shades is a worldwide phenomenon, as we all know..And our OfficialFfty community couldn't be happier having fans from all over the world!So, where do you live OR where are you from? #Europe #USA #Australia #Africa #Asia #SouthAmerica #CanadaMe &l...

So far, Which of the Fifty Shades songs from the upcoming soundtrack you like the most?

Earned it by The Weeknd You make it look like it's magic Cause I see nobody, nobody but you, you, you I'm never confused Hey, hey I'm so used to being used So I love when you call unexpected Cause I hate when the moment's expected So I'ma

Why Did You Read Fifty Shades In the First Place? Curious? Someone Recommended it? You Read The FanFic First?

What is your favorite phrase of Christian Grey?