Weekly Column

Topic 1: Age Limits

This week, I would like to discuss about age limits.

I read a post of someone, who saw a teenager girl reading the Fifty Shades of Grey. That someone said that teenagers should not read this trilogy, because of its content (I’m sure everyone understands to what kind of content that someone is refering to, BDSM and such). 

I’m not sure if I remember correctly and I don’t know if it influences your opinions on the matter, but I think that someone said that the teenager’s mother was next to her, while she was reading the book.

My question is more or less simple. Do you think someone under the age of 18 should read the books? Yes? No? And please, explain why…..


  • The someone who posted this IS A FAN of the books and the movie.
  • All opinions matter. No fighting! No drama! Just a civilized discussion!