• November 6, 2017

The waiting is over!!! Are you all ready to watch the final version of the 50 Shades Freed official trailer?? We are sure you are!

You can watch it here:

OMG! There’re so many surprises. We are glad to see Mr. and Ms. Grey finally married. But, wait a moment… who does that blonde architect think she is? Do you believe she will get in between Ana and Christian? Will he choose to be loyal for the love of his life? And what will happen with Jack Hyde?? So many questions! Of course, if you read the books (and it’s obvious you all did… don’t lie) you know these answers. But doesn’t it happen to you that you get excited as if you didn’t even know the end of the story?

We can’t believe we have to wait until February 14th to watch the full movie. We’ll binge watch the first and second movie to cope! What will you do to calm your nerves?