Work with Anastasia Grey! (Join the SIP team – OFFICIAL video)

  • November 14, 2017

As we all know, in the second film Fifty Shades Darker of the trilogyFifty Shades, Anastasia Steele graduated from the Washington State University and she began working at the Seattle Independent Press (SIP) under the supervision of Jack Hyde; but after he harassed her he was fired and she was promoted to cover his position.

In 50 Shades Freed we will see Mrs. Gray working in SIP as the Fiction Editor, after her return from a wonderful honeymoon in Europe.
Like Anastasia, you can now start working at the same company! The Seattle Independent Press (SIP) (now owned by Grey Group), has released a promotional video with a brief introduction for those looking for a job in the literary industry, with Mrs. Grey as the main figure.

Watch it here:

What do you think? Would you  be confident enough to apply for this job?